My Weight of Worries During My Pregnancy

~ Read and find out why the weight of worries increased right along with my weight during my teen pregnancy.

As I shared in past writings, my pregnancy was physically going smoothly. That helped carry comfort inside my heart during those confusing months.
Here’s one I’ve shared.

But my pillow felt the extra mental weight of my worries night after night. And I’m not talking about worries about the delivery. Worries of what life would hold for me easily took over. Doubt, uncertainty, regret, and uneasiness, along with many questions were easily popping up throughout each day.

Continue college? – When?
Do I need to work? – Where?
Government help? – How?
Babysitters? – Who?
Will I have to live on my own as a single mom? – Woe is me.

‘What If’ questions were there as well.

What if people don’t want to be around me?
What if I don’t lose much weight?
What if there’s no Mr. Right on the horizon?
What if all I get is some boring minimum-wage job?

Another worry was what people would think of me.

I’m just a nineteen-year-old mom. . .
living with my parents. . .
no job. . .
and no real plan on what to even THINK of doing next.

I’m sure you can see how this huge cloud over me had gotten noticeably darker as time went by.

Even though my pregnancy thus far was going by smoothly, I occasionally wanted to give up, wishing I could just wake up one morning and realize all this was just a dream. 

By halfway through my pregnancy, I only saw one tiny light at the end of the tunnel: dealing with this pregnancy would be over.

Are you like I was, with similar thoughts running through your mind? Any trial you’re having or have had that brought extra-heavy thoughts on your pillow? If so, let me give you a speck of hope. In my next writing, I’ll share what kept me going, hoping it might help you keep on keeping on. But until then, let me end with a few needed reminders.

It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever.

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