Two Adults Who Molded My Thoughts

~ This post, similar to my last, shares another important lesson I learned during my unplanned pregnancy. This time, it’s from two adults. Read more to find out who they were.

My previous story was about one young boy I was around for a couple of months who taught me a few things about being a parent. This one is about two adults in my family I’d been around all my life. What I learned from them had to do with marriage, and how keeping God with you day in and day out is a must.

When I was a younger teen, my parents’ relationship wasn’t very – oh, how shall I say it? – positive. Yes, they showed love to me and my siblings, but as year after year went by, joy, peace, and love between them weren’t noticed much at all.

“I’m sure not going to bring up little pet-peeve issues with the man I someday marry,” I began thinking during my teen years. “Whoever he is, he and I will not do any useless complaining. No whispering some negative comment just loud enough to hear. No bickering back and forth. I refuse.” 

Feeling sorry for them grew as well because they did not understand what true peace in a Christ-centered marriage was about.

They kept God and His word on that back burner.

My thoughts about the importance of love between parents and their children, love between a husband and wife, and love between God and the family were growing. I’m not saying I had everything figured out on how to be the type of mother and wife I wanted to be. Far from it. But my thoughts of having a family filled with love, joy, and peace sure was growing.

The negative side of my parent’s relationship has stuck with me, helping me (I hope) as a wife now for 33 years.

Do you have memories from your past that perhaps weren’t the most positive?
Try to think of at least one speck of something positive from it.
Believe me, it can sure help.

Matt. 6:33 – But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things (like a bit more of a peace-filled family) shall be added to you.

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