Unplanned Pregnancies – Then Versus Now ~Part 1

~ People can say unplanned pregnancies are very different today than they were thirty-some ago. What do you think? Keep reading to find out my thoughts.

What was a typical day like 35 years ago for your average 19 year old? When you woke up, you were glad there was nothing right next to you that connected you to the world.
Away from it all.
Once awake, you’d turn on your favorite radio station or you’d rewind your cassette to hear your favorite Billy Joel, Whitney Houston, or Lionel Richie songs.

You were also thrilled your parents got that extra-long phone cord so you could finally leave the kitchen, phone in hand, and walk into the little closet close by to gab with your friends.

old phone

“You HAVE to call me as soon as you get back home. We still need to plan where to meet before we go roller skating.”
“Sorry I couldn’t tell you everything. My parents were too close to the phone when you called.”

How about . . .
“Wait. I have to get the map out of the drawer first to make sure I know what street that new photo developing place is on. I can’t wait anymore to see my birthday party pictures.”

It was hard to decide which one of those six channels to watch on that huge box called a TV. Or better yet, grabbing that Sunday paper on the kitchen counter to check movie times.

If going to a movie, you first had to put $0.89 cents-per-gallon gas in your car (most likely one with a manual transmission) before picking up a few friends to then grab $0.99 double cheeseburgers at McD’s before watching Star Trek for a whopping $2.75.

That’s what life was like for me when I was nineteen.

That is until I . . .
found out I was pregnant.
Life instantly became difficult for me.
I felt so alone.

There was no cell phone back in 1986. No sitting in my car, away from the world, secretly look up information on where to get a pregnancy test via laptops, I-pads, or cell phones to find NoWayCanIBePregnant.com, or hashtag #pregnantteen

I would have loved to have found a Facebook group for Christians going through an unplanned pregnancy, or Instagram to find encouraging verses and quotes.

Study about pregnancy on laptop

But no. I felt like I was in my own little world. If I didn’t have my church family there during that time, I would have gone bonkers.

Pregnancy-help organizations are now just one tap-on-your-phone away. One can now get her best help or support from total strangers all around the world! 

Shortly after the internet and cell phone became everyone’s bosom buddy, years after my baby was born, many suggested I write my story to encourage others. Sure, not being an author was one reason I felt I shouldn’t. But the main reason was because life back then was totally different. No reader then could relate to my life years before.
“Nope, no way,” was my decision.
That is until…

to be continued.

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