Unplanned Pregnancies – Then VS Now ~ Part 2

~ “Marianne, write your story,” I heard over and over again. But I couldn’t. Life was too different way back then vs now, 35 years later. That is until…

My last post shared what life was like back in 1986, the year I found out I was pregnant. For years, I ignored people suggesting I write about my soap opera that turned into a love story. I thought life 25 years in the past was far too different than life was when told I should write.

“Dealing with an unplanned pregnancy now is nothing like it was that many years ago,” I kept telling those who suggested I share what I went through.

Then it hit me the deeper I thought. Unplanned pregnancies ARE the same! They are still unplanned, and still a pregnancy: an unexpected shock to women, followed by overwhelming emotions and worry.

Once realizing this, and after getting encouragement from others, I did decide to write my story.

I felt showing what I went through on paper could be what someone else needs.

Now sure, getting quick and helpful information about an unwanted pregnancy is far easier now than 35 years ago. And the number of people currently available to help give encouragement is huge! But overall, dealing with an unwanted pregnancy is still the same. Feelings and thoughts are stored in the same place back then as they are now: in the heart.

And our Lord is the same as well! That’s the best fact. Or, better worded…
Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. – Hebrews 13:8:

He also hasn’t changed how He carries those who follow Him. He sure carried me back then, these last 35 years, and still will all the years ahead. Let me remind you . . . He’s right by your side as well.

Marianne Petersen’s book God and My Pillow is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 
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