Why You Must Be Careful When Going To a Concert

~ Escaping life for a few hours was a must before my soon teenage motherhood life began. Find out why there is no way in the WORLD I will ever forget this one concert.  

It was to be any day soon, back in 1987 when19 yrs old, that I’d be experiencing what giving birth would actually be like, and what having the title ‘Mom’ would feel like. Was I ready?
Do dogs meow?
Of COURSE not! 
But having God, family, and friends right next to me from the day I found out I was pregnant sure helped.

99.99% of my thoughts were centered around that due date 99.99% of the time. Thankfully, that .01% left was taken up by something I was excited to be part of. I’ll let my book, God and My Pillow, explains what took place on March 8th, 1987.

God and My Pillow – Chapter 11

You’ve heard the old saying ‘Never go to an energetic concert a few nights before your due date,’ right? Okay, I made that up, but I can’t help but give advice to you all. Don’t go to an energetic concert a few nights before your due date. Even if it’s a Christian concert. If my pillow could scream, I’m sure it would have told me what a crazy idea that was. 

In a few days my life would change majorly, so this concert was a perfect distraction. What a great time, just hanging out with Willma, surrounded by tons of other people, listening to music we loved, knowing every word of every song. 

I sure noticed people looking at me, most likely thinking I was a bit crazy being there with my stomach sticking ‘out to here,’ but oh well, I didn’t mind. After all, I felt great. We had a ball just singing right along with people crammed all around us. One of those concerts where everyone stood up the entire time, swaying back and forth.

Concert done. Willma and I totally enjoyed it. Darn it, back to real life. 

Can you think of something a little extra special that may have happened before something major was to take place? How did times like that make you feel? How about consider it God just wanted you to enjoy your surroundings a little more than normal before something major was to follow. He may just be wanting to pass onto you a little Fatherly love and make you feel spoiled. 

Now, back to my story.  
If you listen to one of the many songs my friend and I heard that night, you can then understand why we were standing up, swaying back and forth, with thousands of others. You’ll then understand why I like to blame that concert for what happened early the next morning.

 To be continued.

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