The Magical Day I Became a Mom – Part 2

~ There is a certain word made with only four letters but can sound like it has six, eight, twelve, or even more. Keep reading to find out what that word is.

The word both my doctor and sister often said to me for about 30 minutes in the delivery room before my first child was born. The very last time that word was said to me was a lot sooner than everyone expected; only six hours after that first sign my life was soon to change.

The last time ‘PUUUUUUSH” was said to me on March 9th, 1987 was at 11:19 am. It was both the worst and best time. Worst because the worst pain I felt that entire day came right when it was said. The best because it was said right before my daughter finally arrived. It was when it felt as if the rest of the world disappeared while, not even a minute later, I held that little new treasure in my arms.

Is this for real? Did I just now have a baby?
Did I just now become a ‘Mom’?

Thoughts of that intense pain I had just endured instantly vanished because this adorable little jewel was now all mine. A certain piece of gold I was holding;
my very own daughter Cassie, Cassie Angelyn Houstoun.  

It’s not really the time right now to share much about that unforgettable moment.
It’s not really the time to share much of what took place.
Nothing I could write can do justice in explaining how that life-changing experience formed a new heart inside of me, causing instant love for this new life right in front of my eyes.

I plan to share more in later
postings, but for now I’ll just
end and say God’s plans for
each and every one of us can
sometimes begin with tears
of worry, sorrow, and fear.
But times like those God often
plans to end with unexpected
thankfulness, peace, and love.

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