Along with video/media design, I’ve also gone through an unforgettable road of writing a book- also worded a memoir.
“Marianne, you need to write a book about what you went through,” or “They need to see how God carried your trough it all,” I often heard. That, along with obvious things happening. God and My Pillow was published.
I also have a passion to help others going through tougher-than-normal trials, and if my story can help others, then my book was a must.

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About Marianne

~ I’ve been sharing my book/story via Podcast, Zoom meetings, websites, newsletters, plus other sources.
~ Before starting my book, I began making Video slide shows for different gatherings be it weddings, graduations, memorials, major company gatherings, and the like. After that I began working for Total Broadcasting Service doing video design/production for companies.
~ My husband and I live in SeaTac, Washington; only a few miles away from where my story took place.
~ Mother of four adult children. (The first being the one in my story.)
~ A devoted grandmother to my 5 grandkids!
~ If free time is at hand, (notice I said ‘IF’) I love going where there’s sunshine to soak up, beautiful water to gaze at, and a good book or paper & pen in hand.
But most likely I’m just relaxing on our couch while playing Spider Solitaire on my phone.
And, believe it or not, I might actually have a (I still can’t believe it.) cup of coffee in my hand. If you read my book, you know why that’s a bit of a shock.

Time now to find out what that memoir is all about.

At nineteen, Marianne felt God guiding her on an exciting journey. She had chosen a career and was on her way . . . until an unplanned pregnancy interrupted.

God and her pillow, the two that knew all of her thoughts, are there when Marianne finds herself on this life-changing journey. As she and the baby’s father decide what to do, her faith in God’s love, wisdom, and guidance grows. On the brink of a major life decision, Marianne receives an unexpected phone call alerting her to a shocking secret that changes everything.

Here are now a few comments people left on Amazon

“The author writes with such honesty. I appreciate her sense of humor. It was an easy read, I couldn’t put it down! I thoroughly enjoyed this book.” – Teresa Blais

“I read God and Her Pillow in one sitting. With humor and honesty the story holds you to the unexpected ending. What a witness Marianne is for allowing God to lead her in a time of uncertainty that applies to all lives, pregnant or not.” – Wendy

“She talks directly to other women who may find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy but the truths she shares speak to anyone in difficult times. Thanks, Marianne, for sharing your story.” – Ginger

And now a few quotes from God and My Pillow

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