Designing videos isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ experience.
I know all projects can be different in length, size, and details, but overall, the prices are as follows using three types of plans.
Together we will create a customized package that fits your business or family needs perfectly.

STILLS – $25 – $40

-Photo/Logo retouching
-Creative design almost any size
-Show in person or via internet
-Delivery time – 2 days or less
-Added fee if I provide the printing.

BASIC – $80

-Videos up to 2 minutes
-Photo/Video editing
-Motion graphics
-Royalty-free music.
-Delivery time – 4 days or less

PREMIUM – $125$200

-Videos up to 8 minutes
-Photo/Video editing
-Motion graphics
-Royalty-free Music
-Delivery time – 7 days or less


If your project is longer or does not seem to fit any of these, let’s talk. We’ll work something out.
Any questions or comments, you can reach me right here via email.